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Goodman Lawrence Healthcare team is a specialist team of accountants directly benefiting all our clients in that:

üWe have over 70 years of experience as a Firm.

üWe are specialists and understand the Healthcare sector.

üIt is unlikely that we would come across a problem that we have not dealt with several times before.

üWe would, because of our long experience, knowledge, and expertise, deal with your problems effectively, speedily, and at a cost that you will be happy with.

üWe can help with your business decisions that would, positively, make a difference to your income.

üOur service is totally personal.

üThe same member of staff will deal with your affairs each year.

üWe specialize in tax, and know how to keep your tax bills to a minimum.

üWe are open, and transparent about our costs.

Our healthcare team is headed by Demetrios, our Principal.

Demetrios could be contacted on