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Why do you need a specialist medical consultant accountant?

As a consultant you have very specific accounting and tax needs which are not always understood by a non-specialist accountant. At Goodman Lawrence Healthcare, we take the pain out of managing your finances, and through our knowledge and expertise help you to minimise your tax bill and make the most of your income.

How we can help you:

  • Minimise your tax liabilities including looking at either partnerships or limited companies as trading vehicles.
  • Claim all of the benefits and tax allowable business expenses e.g. professional subscriptions.
  • Maximise your earning potential and minimise your tax bill.
  • Manage your practice accounts as well as your own personal tax return.
  • Plan for your financial future and navigate the potential pitfalls of pension schemes, wills, inheritance taxes, life policies, etc.
  • Deal with complex VAT issues, indemnity cover, fee protection insurance, etc.
  • Plan and start with the setting up of a new practice.
  • Improve the efficiency of an existing practice.
  • Manage and implement your retirement plan.