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As a G P Locum, Registrar or non Principal Doctor you have very specific accounting and tax needs which are not necessarily appreciated by a non specialist advisor. 

We have acted for GP Locums, Registrars and non Principal Doctors for many years and we understand the needs of the medical profession.  We aim to help you look after your business so that you can concentrate on your specialist field.

What does our, Goodman Lawrence Healthcare, service include?

  • Advising on ‘employed’ vs ‘self employed’ status and national insurance implications.
  • Preparation of annual Accounts complying with H M Revenue and Customs requirements and guidance.
  • Proactive advice on tax allowable business expenses, professional subscriptions and general tax planning.
  • Checklists for both your accounting records and tax return information.
  • Preparation of your annual Income Tax Return for your approval and submission by ‘electronic filing’.
  • An estimation of your tax liability well in advance.
  • Taking care of all your bookkeeping and payroll services.