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Income from other sources

At Goodman Lawrence Healthcare Ltd we have a team of qualified and experienced accountants and tax professionals to make your job easier.

So if you are in Veterinary profession, we can…

  • Identify opportunities for tax relief and ensuring you have the most tax efficient structure
  • Offer tax efficient advice on acquiring a practice or retirement planning
  • Prepare practice accounts and personal tax returns, including self-assessment
  • Complete superannuation certificates
  • Account for income from different sources such as NHS work under PCT contracts, private patients, etc
  • Prepare partnership arrangements such as joint ownership of property or income sharing
  • Assisting you with your bookkeeping requirements and advice on accounting procedure
  • If you have a portfolio of properties we can prepare rental accounts and allocate relevant rental expenses in agreement with HMRC.

We are here to help you and your team provide a first class medical practice, by reducing the burden of your accounts and taxation using our industry knowledge.